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November 7, 2018 - Hotel Jalta, Praha

Hot newsThanks for your participation at the Retail in Detail / Show Me the Money 2018 and we look forward to our next meeting!

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The main topic of Retail Summit 2020 published!


Retail Summit 2020, the highly representative meeting of the most important players at the Czech and European Market will take place on February 3...

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Dynamic pricing or electronic price tags won’t save us. The way from our dependence on the old model leads through a change of thinking!


After the last year’s burning discussion about price promotions this year's Retail in Detail series brought another hot topic: Strategic Pricing....

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The digital transformation of retail has been evaluated as the best section of the 2nd program day


Every good CEO should be able to keep up with new technologies and use them as efficiently as possible. Nevertheless, digital business...

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